Lemurian Healing

This workshop is open to all light workers, preferably those with Angelic Reiki training (this modality works really well with Angelic Reiki), but this is not essential as it is a stand-alone treatment.

During this one day course you will connect to the healing energies of Lemuria. We will explore the history, meet the high priest and priestess of Lemuria, and also meet our own Lemurian Guides. During the day you will be attuned to this beautiful energy and learn 7 symbols to help you with your healing. We shall also give and receive a treatment. You will receive a Lemurian Seed Crystal which we will use as a meditation aid.

“the course was set out perfectly and we had plenty of time for practice which helped me feel confident in using this healing system. I am looking forward to reading more about Lemuria and then incorporating it into my treatments”.

H. Lawson

Lemurian healing, 2016